Family Life in a hotspot refugee camp

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1st March 2016

Another really tough day at the hotspot although things were slightly calmer. Yesterday I noticed a family of five and the mother was at least 8 months pregnant. All three children and the mother were so poorly. The children had sunken eyes and all were lying lethargically on the bed. They had seen the doctor and been given antibiotics and liquid paracetamol but were struggling to eat the food that had been provided with awful, awful coughs. I have been keeping an eye on them, regularly taking their temperatures and delivering them secret food packages. It sounds secretive and devious but with over 400 people on the camp you cannot do anything publicly unless you have enough for all. It isn’t safe to give out food without a system in place but even the system fails as people are so desperate and therefore try to take more than their share which means you run out before everyone is fed. Today I bought fruit for 400 people, 200 balloons and colouring pencils and paper for the kids. We had some really happy moments where the kids were so engaged with their drawing and even some dancing later on in the evening. I made skipping ropes and we had good fun jumping and playing racing games.

In the Hotspot Camp in Leros

Early evening came and many people got their papers and were free to leave the hotspot. We managed to arrange a safe place for the sick family to stay and a lift to get them there. I wish them well for the future and am happy I was able to ease those sore throats with juice, lollies and creme caramel. With the sea of 400 desperate people it is hard to find those that are most in need of that extra boost but these family most definitely were. The children are so so bright and bubbly. We played naughts and crosses and even hangman with simple English words .In absence of ‘save the children’ I have become chief child entertainer but in doing that I have the fame of a celebrity. It was photo’s galore before they left the hot spot tonight and we were thanked by so many amazing people. Remember families just like ours fleeing to survive. # basic human kindness xx

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