Consulting & Project Management

Consulting & Project Management

With the pace of organisational change it can be a challenge to keep focused on the strategic goals and not get distracted by the ‘whirlwind’ and this is where we can help organisations to flourish.

We use our advanced coaching skills to really determine what will make the difference for your organisation, we use our refined influencing skills to engage effectively with all of the stakeholders and then design and implement a solution quickly and effectively with demonstrable return on investment.

Lucy’s not afraid to challenge the status quo and this means that she will help any business grow if you are prepared to listen
Global Learning MD
Expect the best, plan for the worst, and prepare to be surprised.
Denis Waitley

Our Focus

Our focus on identify measurable outcomes from the beginning ensures that there are tangible results to celebrate at the end of the project. We can manage everything from small local projects to global projects involving multiple networks and languages.

Client Comments

“I’ve worked closely with Lucy for 3 years doing our utmost to delight one of our key customers. Lucy’s account management skills are second to none and she, without doubt, always puts
the customer at the heart of all decisions we make and that aligns very much with OTD’s vision, purpose and values.

Lucy has that rare ability to be able to think and plan for the long term whilst taking care of all of those tiny details others overlook that make the journey to achieving those long term outcomes possible.

Lucy’s not afraid to challenge the status quo and this means that she will help any business grow if you are prepared to listen. We hope to be working with Lucy for many years to come and I strongly recommend her in any venture with you if that’s what you plan to do”

If you don't know where you are going. How can you expect to get there?
Basil S. Walsh

Other Corporate Offerings..

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1:1 Coaching

We use a range of coaching approaches to make both individuals and groups feel inspired to make positive change.

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We understand the needs of your team and what you want to achieve through a journey of learning and development.

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We use proven adult learning techniques to ensure employees understand the business culture and develop and sustain their skills and knowledge.

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Maternity Support Packages

We produce a tailored package to support women to return to the workplace smoothly and retain their best talent.

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