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Lucy our CEO is passionate about personal development  being available to all to help them to thrive and her vision for ‘perfectly blended’ is to do just this by offering a suite of options that enable individuals  to access transformational resources in a way that suits their circumstances and budget.

1:1 Coaching

We are fierce advocates in reaching out for support when you need it or indeed regularly to keep you on track in a busy world with many demands and pressures. In our 1:1 session’s we blend a toolbox of different coaching approaches that put individuals at the centre to feel inspired and motivated to focus on their goals and make positive change.

This work can take place in person or virtually. We start with a complimentary 30 minutes ‘chemistry session’ which will allow you to meet your coach and start the discussion before you commit to moving forward.

Many have never experienced the luxury of someone truly listening to you and dedicated time and space to think and reflect in a supported way, we support individuals to do just that at a pace which is right for them.

In just a few sessions Lucy enabled me to focus my mind on priorities which have enabled me to drive my small business forward.
Business Services
A fantastic most valuable workshop I have ever attended which I highly recommend. This has definitely helped me understand my peers more and to understand the different methods of effective communication with different personality traits and to understand how differently we work from each other. This is essential when having to work together as a team! Lucy also presented the workshop really effectively packed with fun to keep everyone engaged.

Open Programmes

It is so empowering and uplifting to be around like-minded people and have the opportunity to share and learn from one another. The perfectly blended ‘open courses’ provide a fun, relaxed environment whilst giving the delegates access to high quality training and coaching at an affordable price. Throughout the year we will run a number of different open programmes on topics that commonly come up in our 1:1 coaching sessions and in our discussion group:

Online Community

They say that you are the sum total of the people you surround yourself with and at perfectly blended we strive to create an online community that is inspiring, supportive and uplifting. We cheer people on and take great joy in the success of others.

Lucy has encouraging me to appreciate the value of building in more time in my day to assign to planning activities, which has resulted in a calmer and more enjoyable home life.

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