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Lucy was assigned as my coach for a coaching programme that I have recently taken part in. How easy do you reckon it is to impact a life and improve your standard of work, way of thinking and thought processes in 3.2 hours (192 minutes)? I would personally say that I never believed it possible, until my sessions with Lucy. As a coach she has been amazing in supporting my development, asking the right questions (guiding my thoughts in a very natural manner through conversation), using the time we had effectively and constantly adapting her style to the topic and the mood of the conversations. If you're open to coaching, know you have the ambition and the drive - I would very highly recommend working with Lucy, to help you clarify in your mind the journey you should be taking and to help you start mastering the skills of coaching, mentoring and even thought processes. A real pleasure to have had the privilege of working with her!

Hazim E (UCB)

Lucy provided us with a fantastic most valuable workshop I have ever attended which I highly recommend. This has definitely helped me understand my peers more and to understand the different methods of effective communication with different personality traits and to understand how differently we work from each other. This is essential when having to work together as a team! Lucy also presented the workshop really effectively packed with fun to keep everyone engaged. I highly recommend her this workshop!

Marie Zacharopoulos (Global Healthcare)

I’ve worked closely with Lucy for 3 years doing our utmost to delight one of our key customers. Lucy’s account management skills are second to none and she, without doubt, always puts the customer at the heart of all decisions we make and that aligns very much with our vision, purpose and values. Lucy has that rare ability to be able to think and plan for the long term whilst taking care of all of those tiny details others overlook that make the journey to achieving those long term outcomes possible. Lucy’s not afraid to challenge the status quo and this means that she will help any business grow if you are prepared to listen. We hope to be working with Lucy for many years to come and I strongly recommend her in any venture with you if that’s what you plan to do.

Chris Cummins (Our Training Department Ltd)

I am so grateful for the sessions I had with Lucy. Our time was split between business priorities and managing family life. In just a few sessions Lucy enabled me to focus my mind on priorities which have enabled me to drive my small business forward. By questioning myself and letting go of things that are not important, I have been able to identify the most time efficient ways to drive sales, which has resulted in term on term growth of my business. As a mum of two young boys, and trying to build a business, Lucy’s help has enabled me to get a better work life balance. Lucy has encouraging me to appreciate the value of building in more time in my day to assign to planning activities. Which has resulted in a calmer and more enjoyable home life. I highly recommend Lucy for her great coaching around small business growth and family life.

Sarah Dugdale (Small Business Owner)

Lucy was my coach for a coaching programme that I had the pleasure of being involved in recently. Initially, I didn't believe that I would benefit from coaching and in addition, I couldn't fit coaching calls in to my daily schedule. However, Lucy was very flexible with scheduling calls and I was able to take part in the programme over a few weeks. Lucy has been amazing as a coach in helping me to address my daily challenges. She makes the programme so personal and relevant that the benefits are obvious almost immediately. Lucy has given me so many tools to address daily work situations and I have seen the results already. I would very highly recommend working with Lucy. It was a real pleasure to have her as my coach!

Angela Filocco-Clark (Eisai Ltd)

I worked with Lucy on many occasions over a period of 8 years at GSK whilst she was a Training Manager, both field based and in Head Office. I always enjoyed working with Lucy. She is a meticulous planner, is extremely well organised and has highly effective communication skills. Lucy always kept me fully apprised of developments on any projects we were working on together, which enabled me to carry out my job in the most effective manner. Lucy always had a really thorough understanding of what I needed from her to help me and she never failed to deliver when I needed her support. I would have no hesitation in working with Lucy in the future and would highly recommend her to any future employer.

Lisa Tilson (Glaxosmithkline)

Lucy and I have worked together in the Learning and Development arena for many years. We have recently had the opportunity to work together to deliver an Insights Discovery workshop. Lucy has a high level of knowledge and passion in this field and brings energy and enthusiasm into the room. Lucy has great presentation skills and encourages participation and questions from the audience. Lucy takes a coaching approach with delegates to help them find their own answers through self analysis. Would love to work with you again Lucy!

Kim Oldrey (Glaxosmithkline)

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