Transforming Family Life in 2020: The small things can make a big difference


The inspiration for this blog came from a question asked to me by my amazing ‘brand photographer‘ before our latest branding photoshoot. What is the story behind your new direction into ‘family transformation’? often it’s the simplest questions that can lead to the deepest reflection.  Ever since I started my learning and development organisation  four years ago my vision was to bring high quality coaching and training to people that don’t normally get access to it at an affordable price point. I have been blessed through my corporate career to have unlimited access to inspiring people and content and to operate in an environment where in the main people do ‘cheerlead the growth mindset’ but I know this isn’t the norm outside of coach circles and I wanted to change that. So I had the vision but something was stopping me from taking the action and I now know what…

At this time in 2015 I was preparing for my first humanitarian trip to Greece to support the Refugee crisis (click here to read more) something was telling me that I should do everything in my power to support families just like mine at a time of crisis and that’s just what I did. It was a small drop in the ocean to ease suffering but it taught me two very profound life lessons:

This is a photograph of a typical food/clothing queue in a refugee camp: Lesvos 2015

1. Small acts of kindness can have an inspirational impact on individuals

The families that I was able to help were overwhelmed and the impact was in the moment, real and raw. The impact on me personally of being able to show this kindness was equally as profound (click here to read more)

2. Strong family foundations will see you through even the toughest times

The families I was meeting had been through the darkest times, packing up everything of importance into one small rucksack, leaving their much loved homes, spending their life savings on a treacherous dingy ride in the hope of a ‘safer life’ only to find themselves knee deep in mud, cold, freezing and stranded in the gateway to Europe without a penny to their name. Despite all of that so many of the families I met were humble, loving, generous and kind creating ‘homes’ out of the little they had and showering their children with love. They were grateful for being able to leave their ‘war torn countries’ and hope was fuelling them to focus on the ‘here and now’, ‘day to day. (click here to read more )

Fast forward to this time 2018 where my own family was going through some pretty fundamental changes and I knew that it was the building of some new ‘strong family foundations’ that would see us through. Even though deep down I know the theory of being a great mum (I’ve certainly read every book going on the topic) it takes a great deal of commitment, resilience and support to make positive change stick and live beyond the pages of a book and I knew my reserves were low. So I reached out for help from my amazing personal coach and signed up for the local sure start ‘positive parenting’ 12 week programme. What followed was a lot of hard work and highs and lows as I focused in on praise, acknowledging feelings, setting boundaries, practicing gratitude and giving myself the care I needed to be strong for the kids. None of it was rocket science or revolutionary it was just investing the time and energy to figure out what was right for our family. Slowly but surely I started to see positive change and our family unit becoming a happier and calmer place to be, the support of the tutors and  others in my parenting group plus my coach became my lifeline and accountability to keep trying and picking myself up to try again.

Taking this time to focus on my own  family life and starting to see the positive rewards inspired me to add to my existing ICF (International Coaching Federation) qualification by taking an additional qualification in ‘coaching for family life’ in October and it was whilst being on this course that I realised what had been holding me back in realising my vision for Perfectly blended. Until now I hadn’t found the niche, I hadn’t identified where I wanted us to have impact and suddenly everything dropped into place. For me everything is about strong family units and small acts of kindness. I quickly established my online community for self and family life and within no time at all it was supporting people to make small changes in their life that would make massive differences to their happiness and the happiness of their families and I was feeling that same satisfaction as I felt back on the refugee camps in Greece, I’d found the place to make a difference ..

Reviews on the Perfectly blended facebook page

“we don’t control what happens to us, all we control are our thoughts and reactions to what happens to us. Remember that: You’re defined in this life not by your good luck or your bad luck, but your reaction to those strokes of fortune”

Perfectly blended are now launching a month long  tailored transformation programme to get families off to a great start in 2020 , it is low cost and online to make it accessible to as many people as possible but it offers that essential unconditional and non-judgemental support, encouragement and access to a caring and supportive online community. There will be weekly teaching on specific topics accompanied by specific tasks/challenges to enable you to give new things a try, once a week we will be getting together for group coaching and support to check in on progress. The important thing is to find what works for your family unit and I will be there to support your thinking around this with the option of an add on 1:1 coaching session. We will also be running face to face workshops in 2020.

If you’ve enjoyed reading my blog please pop over and say hi on my Facebook group, follow me on LinkedIn  or visit my website to see what else I get up to. With everything that’s gone on, I’ve got my sights firmly set on the future.

If you have been inspired to make a donation to help a family just like yours then please use the link below to my trusted charity partner Donate 4 Refugees I can absolutely guarantee that they get the money to exactly where it is needed the most.

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